Catholic schools resume classes on Wednesday

Santa Barbara Catholic School successfully earned accreditation on Feb. 15 by the Western Catholic Educational Association, according to a news release. 

Archbishop Michael Byrnes and the Archdiocese of Agana congratulated Principal, Sister Maria Rosario Gaite, RSM, and the Santa Barbara School community on the good news. 

The WCEA accreditation panel led by Timothy Uhl commended the Spartans for making Catholic values a strong priority, setting high expectations, having an excellent curriculum and their strong academic standards.

Uhl compared educators to farmers, referring the Bible parable of the sower who scatters seeds in different directions.

“So, what our job and our hope is in a school like this is to really prepare the soil and have everything ready so that when the seed comes, it is more likely to bloom,” Uhl stated in the release.

“I was thinking about how true that is for here. This isn’t rocky soil and sure enough a seed can land in another type of school and can bloom there as well,” Uhl stated. “But it’s more likely that it’s going to bloom — a student is going to bloom — and really, truly come alive at a school like this where you’re cared for, challenged, (and) have high expectations and in relationships (where) you also have a chance for your faith to grow.”

Other accreditation review team members included local educators Lisa Baza-Cruz, Evelyn Mañaga and Phites Quintua who all described different strong points of the school.

“In our meetings with parents for example, an attribute that they affirmed is that the school’s curriculum, the school’s program is excellent,” Quintua said. “They actually pointed out that graduates of Santa Barbara excelled not only at the school but also in high school.”

The WCEA will send the final, formal report to the school and Superintendent of Catholic Education Richard Alvia later this year, but Uhl reaffirmed the school’s accreditation. 

Principal, Sister Esperanza Seguban, OP, and Dominican Catholic School in Yigo also received accreditation success announced by Uhl and a different WCEA panel on Feb. 12.

(Daily Post Staff)


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