The search for Fernando Canlas, the 71-year-old Yigo man who went missing Thursday morning, continued for the second day.

“If you see him or think it’s him, he’s more likely to respond to Andoy or Andy, and not so much Fernando,” said his daughter Analyn Canlas, a nurse at FHP who also is a member of the Guam National Guard.

Her dad was last seen around 10 a.m. Thursday after he apparently escaped from the watch of his wife and daughter-in-law. Fernando Canlas is in the early stages of dementia.

“He can still hold a conversation in English and he’ll talk to people,” Analyn Canlas said, adding that people don’t have to worry because he’s not violent. She said he’s more likely to run away if someone he doesn’t know approaches him.

She said if any resident sees him to “please call 911 immediately,” and to follow him as much as possible until police or a member of the search team arrives.

He was last seen on Tun Jose Gallo Road, which is behind the Pay-Less Supermarket in Yigo. The missing man weighs about 140 pounds, has a brown complexion and was wearing a white shirt, black shorts and slippers.

Fernando Canlas also is battling cancer. Analyn Canlas said he has a colostomy bag, which typically can be seen protruding under his shirt.

The nurse and soldier said her dad, on Thursday, received the IV bag that contains his chemo treatment, which is administered at home. She said she normally would go to check on him and remove the IV when the treatment is fully dispensed.

However, on Thursday morning, while her mom was in the room, her dad disconnected his IV and ran out the front door. He hopped over the fence to the neighbors' yard and ran out their front gate.

“My mom and my sister-in-law were able to follow him,” she said, adding that her mom had gotten into the car because he was running down the road.

“He saw her following him so he ran into the jungle, knowing my mom is scared,” Analyn Canlas said. She noted that her mom and sister-in-law had managed to catch up with him but he managed to push them away and run into the jungle. That was the last they saw of him.

Analyn Canlas said she’s very grateful for the help her family has received from first responders, her brothers and sisters in uniform, and the community.

“The support has been overwhelming,” she said.

Guam Fire Department, Guam Police Department, Guam National Guard, Army Reserve, Yigo Mayor's Office and civilian volunteers have been helping with the search since Thursday.

“We’re going to continue the search tonight as long as possible,” she said on Friday afternoon.

Searchers had received one report of a possible sighting about 2 a.m. Friday near the Gresco LP gas offices in Yigo. The person reporting wasn’t sure it was the missing man and, before he could get close enough, the man was gone.

Analyn Canlas said her family is hopeful her dad will be found safe.

“I’m still hopeful. I know for a fact that my dad is just waiting for us to help him out,” she said. “My dad is not one to hitch a ride, so he’s still out there, waiting for us.” 


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