On the first day of classes of the Fanuchånan 2019 semester, Sen. Amanda Shelton on Wednesday introduced legislation to modernize the University of Guam and update the UOG charter.

The bill provides the institution with greater financial independence while strengthening its mission toward island sustainability, Shelton stated in a press release.

Since 2016, UOG has received $18.5 million less in allotments than it has been appropriated through each year's budget law. An appropriation is the amount UOG is supposed to receive according to the GovGuam budget, while allotments are the cash the Department of Administration releases to the university.

"This lack of allotted funding continues to cause financial insecurity for the university including possible tuition increases and Bill 197-35 would provide UOG with the tools necessary to be more financially secure," Shelton stated.

"Through the amendments to the UOG charter presented in the bill, the university will be more agile in its operations, entrepreneurial in developing funding sources, and more innovative in its service to our students and the communities in Guam and the Region,” UOG President Thomas Krise is quoted in Shelton's release.

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