Democratic Sen. Amanda Shelton said she only learned of the allegations her policy adviser, John Paul Manuel, made against Del. Michael San Nicolas after he had already gone public.

“I found out along with everybody else,” Shelton said. “People were sending me screen shots of it and that was the first I saw of anything.”

Manuel has worked for Shelton since the start of her term in January.

Manuel, who was San Nicolas’ top aide and ex-campaign chairman, alleged congressional campaign funds were used to reimburse the congressman and the woman he allegedly had an extramarital affair with when they went to resorts in the Philippines and on Guam.

On Sept. 6, Manuel filed a formal complaint with the Guam Election Commission, accusing San Nicolas of illegally spending campaign contributions.

The Guam Election Commission is restricted, by law, from discussing any complaints filed with its office. Commissioners will have to decide whether to entertain the complaint during the next GEC meeting on Sept. 19.

In the meantime, San Nicolas has called all allegations of wrongdoing against him “baseless.”

‘We will address any issues as they come along’

Shelton, who worked for former Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo, declined to comment on the allegations her staffer has made.

“We haven’t spoken to the content of the allegations or claims that he’s made. We kept it strictly professional,” Shelton said.

“I think it’s a difficult time for him, and I am sure it’s a difficult time, as well, for Congressman San Nicolas. But we will address any issues as they come along,” she said. "I hope everything can be resolved and we can keep working for the people of Guam and keep that as our focus here.”

Shelton said Manuel has been an integral member of her team and has always conducted himself with professionalism and integrity.

“As a staff member, I am concerned about his well-being, so I’ve been checking in on him,” she said. “I’ve also been clear with him that anything he needs to do has to be on his personal time and that’s a very clear line we’ve drawn here.”