A Mangilao neighborhood is on edge as the shooter involved in Wednesday morning’s attack on a 27-year-old woman remains at large.

The shooting along Route 15 sent Katarina Pitto to the Guam Memorial Hospital. She was shot six times in her face and arms, according to her aunt Concepcion Alpin.

Pitto needs surgery that may require her to deliver her baby prematurely. She is six months pregnant.

Alpin said the shooting left her upset.

“She’s the one the family really depends on because she finished school. So she takes her parents around to see their doctors and paperwork for whatever they need,” Alpin said.

Pitto would even help her landlords, who are elderly and can no longer drive themselves, to do errands.

“A random shooting shouldn’t be tolerated,” said Mangilao Mayor Allan Ungacta. “I hope they find these individuals.”

Pitto was heading to her home along Route 15 in Pågat, Mangilao, around 1:50 a.m. on Wednesday when a vehicle drove by and someone in it opened fire. Pitto had just picked up her cousin from work.

She was able to make it to her driveway, where her cousin called for help. The family said she continues to recover at the hospital.

“I am very disturbed and surprised,” Ungacta said. “It’s concerning to know there are individuals doing that in our community and on our highways.”

The mayor said he doesn’t want the community to get the impression that the area is unsafe.

“I hope that individual turns themselves in. We can’t allow something to be happening like that,” he said. “We want to make sure it’s safe and it’s our responsibility make sure it’s safe.”

Guam police have reached out to the public to help solve the case. As of 3 p.m. Saturday, police had not released additional information about the shooting.

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