A shooting in the southern village of Merizo has residents in the area shaken.

The victim was identified by a relative as Joma Mata. He was allegedly shot in the leg area. His condition was unknown as of press time Wednesday.

The Guam Police Department had not officially identified the victim as of press time Wednesday, but stated a male individual was taken to the hospital for treatment after officers saw he had been shot.

Police arrived on the scene at a public housing area along S. Doyle Street shortly before 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.

A resident who asked not to be named told The Guam Daily Post they heard yelling and what sounded like an argument followed by a loud bang, sometime between 11 a.m. and noon.

The witness went outside to inspect the area for the source of the noise and noted several vehicles in the middle of the street. They identified a white Nissan Sentra, which police were later seen dusting for evidence.

"When I came out to check, there was a red truck in the middle of the road and another car. And the guy – they stay here, the guy and the lady. I heard the guy say, 'Did you see that?' And then he also yelled, 'Get down,'" said the witness, who initially believed it was a domestic dispute.

However, the witness also reported seeing a purple lifted Jeep drive off. The vehicle and the driver were identified by several witnesses, but police have not publicly identified a suspect or person of interest.

Another anonymous witness also identified the individual believed to have fired the shot. Information from multiple witnesses pointed to the same individual, who was seen leaving the scene shortly after the bang was heard.

An area of the street was cordoned off by police with crime scene tape, and police were seen canvassing the area for evidence and speaking with residents.

On scene, The Guam Daily Post witnessed police pick up what appeared to be a spent bullet casing from the ground.

The type of weapon used in the incident has not been identified, but one of the witnesses indicated that the possible suspect is known to carry a concealed weapon.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting are being investigated by the GPD Criminal Investigation Division. However, witnesses alleged that the possible suspect and victim had been living together until a week ago.

Several residents in the area were shocked to learn of the incident, and described the neighborhood as a quiet area where residents keep to themselves.

Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority officials were also at the scene and indicated they were there to ensure their staff and residents were safe.

No arrests have been made.


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