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TESTING: Harlyn Belga, a nurse with the Department of Public Health and Social Services, uses a nasal swab during community outreach testing near the Tamuning Mayor's office on May 26. Post file photo

Six of the 13 new COVID-19 cases on Guam are children and teens ages 0-9 and 10-19.

The new cases increase the total cases to 301 since tests started in March – roughly 0.18% of the island’s estimated 165,000 people.

There have been five deaths and 179 people released from isolation, according to the Joint Information Center. The number of active cases is 117.

On Saturday, the Department of Public Health and Social Services tested 371 people and two tested positive. One is a reported household contact and was identified through contact tracing, according to the Joint Information Center. One was identified through community outreach. 

Free mass testing

DPHSS will be offering mass drive-thru testing Wednesday at the Astumbo Gym. Testing will be conducted from 9-11 a.m. and is free and open to the public while supplies last.

Residents are asked to bring a photo ID if they have it available.

Previously reported cases

From July 3-4, the Joint Information Center previously reported eight cases of COVID-19. Those cases break down to one case reported by Diagnostic Laboratory Services Inc. and had no contact with previously confirmed cases.

Four cases were reported by DPHSS – two via community outreach and one reported household contact to a confirmed case. One reported recent travel from the Philippines and was identified while staying in a quarantine facility. Two cases tested positive from the Department of Defense. One case reported community contact to confirmed cases. One case tested positive at Guam Memorial Hospital.

Six more kids and teens

The Guam Daily Post asked how old the children and teens were who had recently tested positive. And while this breakdown was provided before, DPHSS' response to this latest request was: "We cannot provide you with specific ages or other specific identifiers due to (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). That is why the data/information is aggregated."

As of last week, there were 18 in the two age groups:

  • Ages 0-9: 2
  • Ages 10-19: 16

Over the weekend that increased to 20:

  • Ages 0-9: 3
  • Ages 10-19: 17

And in today's update, it shows another increase to 26:

  • Ages 0-9: 7
  • Ages 10-19: 19

Monday's numbers also show an increase in cases for Guamanians in their 20s and 30s, surpassing those in the older age groups.

When asked if there's a concern with the increase in positive cases for those in their 20s and 30s, Dr. Ann Pobutsky, the territorial epidemiologist, said it is a concern "if they are not following the rules for social distancing and mask-wearing."

She added that as the economy and various businesses and establishments reopen, "there is much more chance of viral spread."

"Witness what is happening in the U.S.," she stated.

In various states across the mainland, local governments are rolling back their reopening as initial efforts to reopen the economy, including local businesses, have resulted in spikes of daily positive cases.

As of last week, June 26, older age groups were:

  • 20s: 38
  • 30s: 42
  • 40s: 45
  • 50s: 40
  • 60s: 43
  • 70s: 13
  • 80s: 7
  • 90s: 1

As of Monday, the breakdown for older age groups were:

  • 20s: 54
  • 30s: 53
  • 40s: 50
  • 50s: 47
  • 60s: 46
  • 70s: 17
  • 80s: 7
  • 90s: 1

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