Social worker: 9-year-old endured sex assault by ‘staring at the wall’

ALLEGED SEXUAL ASSAULT: The Guam Judicial Center in Hagåtña is shown in this file photo. The trial against Nicanor Ababa Laudato started on Thursday at the Supreme Court of Guam with the mother of the girl who was raped taking the stand. Post file photo

The trial of Nicanor Laudato, accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year old girl in 2015, continued in Superior Court on Tuesday before Judge Anita Sukola.

On Wednesday a social worker from Healing Hearts Rape Crisis Center who interviewed the alleged victim testified that the girl was alert, cooperative and coherent.

According to the testimony, the girl told the social worker that the defendant came into her room, took her clothes off and sexually assaulted her. The girl said she then put her clothes back on and Laudato started “rubbing” her neck.

The social worker told the court that the girl, who is now 14 years old, said she told her mother about what happened because she knew it was wrong and wanted to stop Laudato because he may be doing the same thing to someone else.

The girl told the social worker that she couldn’t think during the assault and was “just staring at the wall.”

The girl declined medical and counseling services, according to the social worker, who testified that a medical examination following an alleged sexual assault could be invasive, traumatic and painful.

The girl’s mother had previously testified that the defendant, with whom she had a relationship and lived with, had raped and beaten her in the past.

Assistant Attorney General Peter Santos is prosecuting the case on behalf of the government.

Laudato, who is represented by defense attorney Samuel Teker, is expected testify on Thursday.

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