A tattoo of his name and a personalized heart pendant is all that Rose David has left to honor the memory of her 4-year-old grandson, Jericho Zion David.

Jericho Zion David

Jericho Zion David, 4, was killed when a distracted driver allegedly ran over him in his neighborhood cul-de-sac in Dededo. Photo courtesy of David family

The recent news about the woman who admitted to hitting and killing her grandson remains unsettling.

"Even though it bothers us, we really can't do anything. It's hurting us as of right now. It's very hard for us to take," David. said. "It's wrong and that's why sometimes the law is wrong."

She said she woke up to a phone call from a family member Wednesday morning.

The call was in regard to a newspaper headline that Marleen Risa Ewily had been spared from having to go to prison after pleading guilty to vehicular homicide charges in connection with the child's death.

"When I went to get (a newspaper) at Papa Store, the owner saw I was shaking. She knew why I came in because she just handed it to me," she said. "(Jericho) was very popular at Papa Store. They even gave me a small white basket he always carried. He would fill it up for him with junk food."

The visit to the store that morning had her recall how Jericho, who would have been 6 years old today, would have her spend at times $50 on whatever items he'd put into his shopping basket.

"They gave me that (basket) when he passed away. So, I put it inside his coffin. That was the only basket he would carry," she said. "I miss him. I wish he was still alive up to now. It's still very hard for us. It's only been two years. Especially with me because this is my baby."

On May 7, 2019, Ewily got distracted as she was backing out of her driveway on Mangga Court in Dededo, when she felt her car hit a "bump." Surveillance video from the boy's residence shows the child running out to the street, then stumbling and falling near the car's path.

Jericho was seen putting up both hands for Ewily to stop when she ran over him with the car.

David said the punishment does not fit the crime.

"It's in God's hands even if I am not OK. Even if it's wrong, we know that it is up to the law. We just have to pray we will see him. I will see him again," she said. "Yes, we have to forgive. But what else can we do?" 


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