Space billionaire discusses project on Andersen AFB

LAUNCH: A LauncherOne rocket is shown attached to a Boeing 747. The plane climbs to a certain altitude and launches the rocket into space, then the rocket deploys a satellite for low Earth orbit or orbit around the equator. Photo courtesy of Virgin Orbit

British billionaire Richard Branson on Monday further discussed the plan to launch a small-satellite launch project from Andersen Air Force Base on Guam.

Branson brought up the program and Andersen's role during the 2019 annual Air Force Association Air Space & Cyber symposium on Sept. 16 in National Harbor, Maryland. The Department of Defense posted a video of Branson speaking at the conference.

Branson's company Virgin Orbit announced several months ago it has firmed up its decision to use Guam as a launch site for small satellites, initially from Andersen Air Force Base.

Virgin Orbit first announced last year that it was keen on Guam as an additional site from which the company's 747-400 aircraft takes off as a "flying launch pad." What Virgin Orbit plans to do is place a small satellite into its specially designed LauncherOne rocket and then attach the rocket to the underside of a specially designed Boeing 747's wing.

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