Speaker Therese Terlaje has called an emergency session for Tuesday morning to debate two measures aimed at addressing emergency conditions left by Typhoon Mawar.

Bill 127-37, from Terlaje, would authorize the governor to utilize or transfer up to $50 million from fiscal year 2023 appropriations for the executive branch, to address expenses resulting from civil defense, public safety or health care emergencies due to the typhoon.

The bill requires the governor to provide a written report to the Legislature and the public auditor regarding expenditures and their sources. That report is due within five days of such transactions.

The other measure, Bill 128-37 from Sen. Joe San Agustin, would authorize the governor to use and expend about $14.5 million in the fiscal 2023 Rainy Day Fund, but limits usage to expenses arising from Mawar and related to public health, public safety and civil defense.

This bill also requires the governor to submit a written report to the Legislature and public auditor on the use of funds, but sets a due date of no later than 30 days after the funds are used.

Both measures were introduced Friday, and public hearings on Bills 127 and 128 have been waived.

"Whereas, the devastation and destruction from Typhoon Mawar’s passage, including the interruption of power, water, internet and cellular services pose a threat to the health and welfare of the people of Guam. As Speaker, I hereby certify that emergency conditions exist which justify an emergency session," the speaker stated in her call to emergency session.


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