Science is Fun and Awesome Learning Academy Charter School held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday to celebrate the completion of new classrooms and to mark the first-year anniversary of the school. 

SIFA is focused on science, technology, engineering, art and math or STEAM, said Principal Arvi Bacani. Each student is required to take robotics and computer technology classes. The school offers band and family consumer sciences as part of its art program. 

SIFA is also contemplating re-introducing a dedicated performing arts class due to demand, Bacani said. The class was available last year but due to the small group, it was dissolved and melded into the band class.

The new building, located behind the administrative offices, is outfitted with 10 classrooms and an auditorium. They were opened around the beginning of this school year. Every classroom is connected through an intercom system and every student will eventually receive iPads as part of their curriculum. 

"Right now ... we have to go through our computer technology safety program, so we have not issued the iPads yet to the students," Bacani said.

SIFA's population more than doubled from last school year, from 99 to 232 students. The school enrolls sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

SIFA is also working on renovating another building, which is expected to be completed around October. The project will add 10 more classrooms, a cafeteria and a multipurpose court, according to Bacani. For now, lunch is brought into classrooms, he said.  

The school is not accredited but will apply for the process possibly by the end of the year, Bacani said. 

Guam charter schools receive a subsidy from the government of Guam at a rate of about $6,500 per student enrolled in the respective charter school.

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