Takagi & Associates Inc. donated $25K to UOG Endowment for cultural research

CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE: Takagi & Associates Inc. made a $25,000 donation to the University of Guam Endowment Foundation earlier this year as the latest installment of the company’s pledge of $150,000 to the university. The gift is intended to support the Micronesian Area Research Center in various research projects, including research on Japanese immigration to Guam and a Japanese tourism study. The funds will go to designated researchers who are working on these studies and will also provide for student research assistant stipends. Takagi has previously donated an additional $45,000 toward this research. In the photograph, from left, are: Takagi & Associates representatives Tsubasa Otsuka, Yuichiro Hirano, Jo Takagi, and Hidenobu “George” Takagi; and University of Guam representatives Katrina Perez, Monique Storie, Lavonne Guerrero-Meno, and Sarah Grainger. Photo courtesy of the University of Guam