Teacher: BOE should focus on increasing PSS funding

TEACHERS: Francisco M. Sablan Middle School teacher Alex Borja, left, and teacher representative Paul Miura of Saipan Southern High School attend a recent Board of Education meeting. Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

SAIPAN - Board of Education teacher representative Paul Miura on Thursday said the BOE should start focusing on increasing funding for the Public School System.

“Our vision has been clouded due to insufficient funding available to PSS,” Saipan Southern High School teacher said, adding he cannot accept the notion that the school system and the BOE “have exhausted every option at their disposal.”

Miura told the board that it should find sufficient funding sources for PSS. “I see that as our only option to move forward. If we rely solely on receiving our revenue sources from the central government, we are going to continue to find ourselves in this cycle, in this situation.”

During the public comment portion of the BOE meeting on Thursday, Francisco M. Sablan Middle School teacher Alex Olympio Borja said they are fearful of further cuts to their salaries and the schools’ operational budgets.

He said teachers who work hard should be rewarded with competitive salaries, adding that schools that score high by any standard “are among the most heavily funded.”

“There must be a way for our policies to reflect our belief in ‘Student First’ and it doesn’t include a budget that relies so heavily on the general funds, especially when there is no true guarantee that the money will come as planned or promised,” he said.

Borja said the board should decide “on something that will not falter when uncontrollable circumstances bring PSS to another financial crisis.”

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