Theft suspect caught on camera at bakery

IMAGE: A screenshot of video surveillance shows a suspect believed to have been involved in a theft at Tita's bakery in Santa Rita on Tuesday. Reader-contributed photo

It was a scary moment for 80-year-old Mariquita "Tita" Leon Guerrero after a stranger was caught on camera stealing from her bakery in Santa Rita as she prepared to open for business Tuesday morning.

Screenshots of the surveillance video show a man on a bicycle who is believed to be the suspect involved in the reported theft.

"We got the guy on video coming into Mama's place by bicycle," said Abbie Anderson of Solutions Guam, a security company that operates the camera at Tita's Bakery. The bakery is famous for Tita's Guyuria, a local cookie that has made its way as gifts to the White House and members of Congress and is a favorite among tourists.

Anderson said Leon Guerrero was prepping to open just after 8 a.m. on Tuesday when the suspect was seen on video surveillance entering the kitchen area of the bakery. She said Leon Guerrero had her back turned at the time the suspect apparently took a bag that was on a chair in the kitchen.

Fortunately, Leon Guerrero was unharmed and the suspect took off with her bag that contained multiple ID cards.

"She also saw him standing outside. She motioned for him to wait because she thought it was a customer," Anderson said.

The suspect is described as having a thin build, messy brown hair and a goatee and was last seen wearing khaki pants and a black hoodie.

Security footage shows the suspect took off on a blue bicycle that had green pegs.

Anderson said the company is thankful that Leon Guerrero is OK and anticipates adding more security cameras to see blind spots around the bakery.

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