Track uncertain for weather disturbance

WATCHFUL EYE: Meteorologists continue to watch a weather disturbance near Pohnpei. The system is barely moving and also hasn't strengthened in the last couple of days. Image courtesy of the National Weather Service

The National Weather Service office in Tiyan continues to watch a nearly stationary tropical disturbance located southeast of Pohnpei – though as of Friday evening it didn't look like it would have much of an impact on Guam.

Meteorologist Mike Ziobro said the disturbance looks like it may take a northern turn well east of Guam. If that happens, he said, Guamanians will feel "very little in terms of wind and rain" from the system, if any.

However, a gradual intensification is still possible as is a possible shift in forward movement, Ziobro said.

As of Friday, the system was centered near 4 degrees north latitude and 162 degrees east longitude. The disturbance has been labeled Invest Area 92W. It remains weak and disorganized, but it has generated showers and thunderstorms across Kosrae and Pohnpei.

Ziobro confirmed that, through the weekend, residents of Guam and the CNMI can expect more dry weather.

"A little rain wouldn't hurt right now," he said, referring to the dry conditions that have been the perfect condition for grass fires.

Guam Fire Department officials said Guam has had more than 320 grass fires since March 1.