Tropical Storm Mangkhut remains on its current track and is projected to intensify into a typhoon by the time it reaches Guam on Tuesday afternoon. 

The National Weather Service continues to monitor the storm that was upgraded to a tropical storm before 9 a.m. Saturday.   Mangkhut was located 13.0 degrees north latitude and 163.5 degrees east longitude, which is approximately 1,260 miles east of Guam. 

A tropical storm watch remains in effect for Enewetak of the Marshall Islands, which means that damaging winds of 39 mph to 73 mph are possible within the next 24 to 36 hours. 

Maximum sustained winds remain 35 mph. NWS said it is still expected to strengthen. The system is currently moving west-northwest at 14 mph.  It is expected to make a slight turn to the west with a slight increase in forward speed.

"The current forecast track takes it very close to Guam, however uncertainty is still high, and it could easily veer off and have much less affect than currently forecast," according to a statement from NWS.

The weekend forecast calls for isolated showers and residents are urged to take necessary precaution now and do the following: 

  • Discuss your emergency plan with household members. Include pets as part of your plan ·
  • Locate or prepare your emergency preparedness kits for your household
  • stock up on non-perishable food items and water for your household, flashlights, first-aid kits, batteries, matches or lighters, portable stove, toiletries, etc.
  • Secure important documents such as birth certificates, tax papers, and insurance documents and keep copies in a water-proof bag
  • Clear loose debris around your yard and store any items that may become airborne with heavy winds, before inclement weather arrives ·
  • Gas your vehicles and get fuel for your generators now while the weather is clear
  • Stay up to date in the event there are changes in Conditions of Readiness
  • Board up windows with shutters
  • Store water - Fill up a 55-gallon drum or plastic containers with water
  • Take down all temporary signs, including those for political campaigns, advertisements and any other wooden or loosely placed signs