Editor's note: A story that was published Wednesday misidentified Dina Marie Mafnas Bascon, 41, as the suspect in the knife incident in Anigua. Court documents clarify she was arrested in another incident in Barrigada involving multiple knives allegedly thrown at a victim who suffered wounds.

A woman who was recorded allegedly wielding a knife as she ran toward a group of people at the Liberation Day parade in Anigua, near the District Court of Guam, has been arrested and identified by police only as "Jane Doe."

Guam Police Department spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao confirmed the suspect was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and reckless conduct.

On Tuesday, Tapao confirmed the name of another female suspect arrested in connection with another knife incident – this one in Barrigada – on Sunday. Tapao clarified that this suspect was charged in a separate incident that was reported the same day.

Caught on camera

Two video clips of the alleged incident in Anigua were widely circulated following Sunday's parade.

An unknown bystander could be heard in the video apparently calling for help. "So we are down here at the parade. There's a lady behind the District Court and she is carrying a knife and walking around barefoot and she's trying to cause trouble to people," the bystander said.

The woman with the knife in Anigua was then seen moving toward the group of people. She stopped and broke down in tears before three men slowly approached her. One man is seen in the recording taking the knife away.

A second cellphone recording shows police restraining the woman in the parking lot of the federal courthouse. She continues to yell and tries to pull away from the arresting officer in the video. At one point, the arresting officer is seen briefly placing his right hand around the woman's neck before putting her in the patrol vehicle.

The incident was scary for one neighbor who lives nearby.

"We are scared," the neighbor said.

She asked not to be identified but recalled for The Guam Daily Post what occurred Sunday afternoon.

"We were just sitting down outside," the neighbor said, as the Liberation Day parade was still going. "All I heard was screaming. It was a scream that was not something where somebody was playing around. It was like somebody was hurting."

"Everybody was looking and I saw the lady," the neighbor said. "She was just cussing. I didn't know. I thought she must be crazy or drunk."

She said fortunately, no one was injured.

Case: Second arrest involved several knives thrown

In the separate knife incident in Barrigada that same day, the victim had returned home from the Liberation Day parade with food to give to a woman known to him.

The Barrigada woman became upset and accused the victim of getting the food from another woman, documents state. The victim told police the woman got even angrier after he told her to "shut her mouth and used his finger to nudge her chin."

She was then accused of swinging a bottle of kimchee at the victim, but missed, documents state.

The suspect allegedly grabbed several knives and threw it at the victim, but missed again. Court documents further allege she picked up a knife and wounded the victim on his elbow and back, and struck the back of the victim's neck with the knife handle. The victim ran outside to his truck. The suspect followed and allegedly threw more knives at his car, causing damage, documents state.

Dina Marie Mafnas Bascon, 41, was charged with criminal mischief as a third-degree felony and family violence, each with a notice of commission of a felony while on felony release.

Documents state Bascon was on pretrial release for a separate criminal mischief case, in which the court restricted Bascon from possessing any deadly weapons or having contact with the victim in this latest case as part of her release conditions.

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