A research product of the University of Guam Regional Center for Public Policy on corruption in the United States was published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The journal – Asia Pacific Business & Economics Research Perspectives – is a publication of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan.

“The paper is a testament to how our programs at the School of Business & Public Administration can produce excellent, relevant, and impactful research output,” Maria Claret Ruane, a professor of economics at UOG and a research contributor at RCPP who co-authored the paper, said in a statement from the university.

The paper – "Factors that explain corruption in the United States of America: A regression analysis" – was a collaboration among Maria Claret Ruane, 2014 Master of Public Administration alumnus John Ruane; 2018 MPA alumna and 2016 Truman Scholar Rebecca Casimbon; and John Rivera, chairman of SBPA’s MPA and Professional Master of Business Administration programs and director of the RCPP.