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UPDATE: Aircraft carrier arrives on Guam as more sailors aboard test positive for COVID-19

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The aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt has pulled into the Navy base on Guam after more sailors tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19.

Eight sailors have tested positive for the coronavirus, which is an increase from three on Tuesday, acting U.S. Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said in a press conference at the Pentagon Thursday.

"We found several more cases on board the ship. We are in the process now of testing 100% of the crew of that ship to ensure that – that we don't – that we were able to contain whatever spread might have occurred there on the ship," Modly said at the press conference. 

During the press conference, Modly said the aircraft carrier was pulling into port.

He said no one from the aircraft carrier's more than 5,000 sailors will be allowed to leave the  pier. And all of them will be tested for COVID-19.

After Modly's press conference, Admiral Mike Gilday, chief of Naval Operations, issued a statement that the aircraft carrier has arrived. 

"The Theodore Roosevelt is in Guam on a previously-scheduled port visit. The resources at our naval medical facilities in Guam will allow us to more effectively test, isolate, and if necessary treat sailors. We expect additional positive tests, and those sailors who test positive will be transported to the U.S. Naval Hospital Guam for further evaluation and treatment as necessary," Admiral Gilday stated.

Modly assured the sailors will not be out and about in the local community.

"No one on the crew will be allowed to leave anywhere into Guam other than on pier-side. And we are already starting the process of testing 100 % of the crew to ensure that, that we've got that contained."

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero said the military told her 23 sailors on the Roosevelt are infected.

Modly said the sailors who were flown off the ship and to Naval Hospital Guam "are currently doing fine."

The Navy previously stated the sailors had been in isolation at Naval Hospital.

Modly said they no longer required hospitalization but are in quarantine.

"...Their symptoms are very mild, their aches and pains and those types of things, sore throats but nothing that required hospitalization. So they're in quarantine now on Guam."

Close to a dozen sailors aboard the ship are from Guam. 

"During the port visit, base access will be limited to the pier for Roosevelt's sailors.  No base or regional personnel will access the pier," the Chief of Naval Operations Public Affairs stated.

The ship is based in San Diego, California, and most recently made a port visit on Guam last month for several days of rest and recreation. It also visited Vietnam recently.

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