A gun could be seen near a black backpack and parts of a crashed motorcycle on Route 16 following a Saturday morning spill near the main entrance of Barrigada Heights. 

There were reports of a high-speed police chase just before the crash. Residents said they saw police vehicles chasing a man on a motorcycle that was racing past Wendy's in Barrigada toward the tri-intersection of Routes 10, 16 and 8. 

GPD acting spokesperson, Officer Berlyn Savella said the investigation is ongoing.

She was able to confirm that an officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop with the operator of the motorcycle who refused to pull over. 

The man driving the motorcycle had apparently lost control and spilled.

The crash tore apart the bike and pieces of it were spread out about 50 feet along the outer northbound lane - from the entrance of Barrigada Heights to the turn into the nearby commercial building. 

The man suffered serious injuries, according to Firefighter Kevin Reilly, Guam Fire Department spokesperson. 

GFD units responded to what was initially classified as a motorcycle vs auto crash shortly after 11:30 a.m.  

Police officers have since reopened the lanes on Route 16. Northbound and southbound lanes, from the area near Vinny’s Market to Commercial Tire Depot, were closed earlier as officers investigated the crash scene. 

This is a developing story.


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