Five men, charged in connection with the stabbing death of Kifirston Aiken, await possible plea offers as prosecutors continue to look through evidence, including a video that captured the incident.

Samson Shapucy, Alison Joe, L-Son Joe, Dero Isty and Cyrus Mathias all appeared in the Superior Court of Guam Tuesday morning for a hearing on murder and aggravated assault charges related to the August stabbing of Aiken.

Shapucy is charged with murder while Alison Joe, L-Son Joe, Isty and Mathias face charges of aggravated assault.

At the hearing, Judge Vernon Perez asked each of the defendants' attorneys what the status of their case was. All replied they are waiting for a plea offer to be sent by the Office of the Attorney General.

Defense attorneys also said Assistant Attorney General Sean Brown will send an offer after they have watched a video of the alleged assault.

According to Post files, the video of the attack, which occurred just after 1 a.m. at the Dededo Center located along Wusstig Road, captures at least two men attacking Aiken.

Two of the attorneys present at the hearing said it was hard to tell from the video whether their clients were there, suggesting that they can't be seen at all.

"(Brown) indicated he wanted to try to figure out who did what and what Mr. Shapucy may have done. My personal opinion is, looking at the video itself, it's impossible to do that,” said Shapucy's lawyer Terrence Timblin, before Mathias' attorney, Anthony Perez, denied his client's involvement.

“My client is nowhere present during the assault. If you see the video, it's obvious because my client is 30 years older than the other co-defendants and is skinny with a gray goatee,” Perez said about Mathias, who was 51 years old at the time of the attack.

Following the updates from the lawyers, Perez scheduled another hearing for Jan. 23 with trial set to begin in April.

In the meantime, all co-defendants except Shapucy are out on release.


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