Speeding cars, illegally dumped trash and criminal defendants violating their release conditions were among the topics discussed during Wednesday night’s town hall meeting on public safety in Agat.

About 60 people attended the meeting at the Agat Mayor’s Office.

“There was a lot of concerns about road safety brought up in Agat,” said Carlotta Leon Guerrero, the governor’s chief adviser for military and regional affairs. Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and Guam Police Department Chief Stephen Ignacio joined Leon Guerrero on the panel.

People told the panelists that there aren’t enough road signs, specifically stop signs, and that trucks driving to the Layon landfill have damaged roads in Malojloj.

Leon Guerrero said the Department of Public Works and the police are addressing the roadway concerns.

“There was a lot of concern brought up about speedsters drag racing through the villages,” she added.

Residents asked GPD to better enforce the speed limit in the South.

Illegal drinking, unsupervised criminal defendants

“One thing we are going to tackle,” Leon Guerrero said, “is what’s been said in every single village meeting: the affordability and accessibility of alcohol.

“The mayors were talking about certain areas that they know people congregate, and they should be able put those areas as off-limits and create no-alcohol zones.”

Additionally, Leon Guerrero said residents have reported that defendants in criminal cases are being released from custody but aren’t properly supervised.

“They have a sense that suspects are getting out too early, too easily, and nobody is keeping track of what they are doing while they are in between the legal system,” she said. “That has really come out at every single village meeting.”

Villagers ask for town hall meeting in Talofofo

Government officials are compiling the list of concerns gathered from each town hall meeting and will prioritize how to tackle each one.

At the request of attendees, Leon Guerrero said another meeting could be scheduled to take place in Talofofo.