Nine mayors' offices have filed required reports that disclose how much money they raised and spent using funds outside of their government budget allocations.

The documents, which must be submitted quarterly to the Guam Legislature, cover the use of non-appropriated funds, which mayors' offices, municipal planning councils and designated nonprofit organizations are authorized to collect and use.

The funds can be derived from direct solicitations, fees charged for using village facilities, fundraisers and from mayors performing civil weddings.

The villages of Asan-Maina, Hågat, Humåtak, Inalåhan, Mangilao, Mongmong-Toto-Maite, Sinajana and Yigo filed their NAF reports by Wednesday, collectively reporting $80,569 in non-appropriated revenue.

Between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2021, Sinajana utilized more of these funds than any other village by far. Documents show the central municipality received nearly $37,000 in those three months, more than $26,500 of which came from its community bingo.

Bingo revenue

According to its report, Sinajana spent more than $39,400 in the same time frame. The village used $16,000 for supplies and materials and $9,517 to cover “payroll” for its community bingo. Sinajana reported buying $5,101 of food items as well.

Bingo is also a major source of revenue for Mangilao, contributing more than $12,000 of the $29,798 it raised in the last quarter. The Mangilao Mayor’s Office also received $15,780 from a Thanksgiving and Christmas to-go meals fundraiser.

Its report showed $24,768 in expenditures, including $15,345 for contracts, $5,069 in supplies and materials, and $2,000 for a “Senior Christmas and New Year’s luncheon.”

Thousands were also used to reimburse individuals. The Hågat Mayor’s Office reported it spent more than $1,100 reimbursing a person for the office’s “appreciation dinner,” an expense approved by the village’s municipal planning council, according to a ledger attached to its NAF report.

Another individual received reimbursements worth more than $800 in two checks to cover repairs to a trailer, fuse box and tires, Christmas lights, cleaning supplies, oil changes, refreshments and supplies. A woman with the same first and last name as the individual who was reimbursed is listed on the Hågat Mayor’s Office fourth quarter staffing pattern.

Hågat received $5,000 during the last quarter of the fiscal year, mostly from vendor fees, and spent a total of $6,289.

Altogether, the nine reporting villages spent $81,188.30 in non-appropriated funds, including:

• Barrigada: $4,460. 

• Yigo: $2,243. 

• Inalåhan: $1,872. 

• Mongmong-Toto-Maite: $1,431. 

• Humåtak: $196. 

• Asan-Maina: $491.

Other villages

Mayors’ office officials, including Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares clarified that other villages may have received or spent non-appropriated funds, but filed their report differently based on which organization handles the funds.

The Dededo Municipal Planning Council, and not the mayor’s office, decides on the use of these funds, Savares told The Guam Daily Post. She said her village’s report was filed with the Mayors' Council of Guam, while other villages could have sent theirs to the Department of Revenue and Taxation.


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