A man awaiting sentencing for his part in a retail theft that led to one of the largest prescription drug busts in Guam history is wanted by a Superior Court of Guam judge.

It was said in court on Tuesday that Kyle Pablo has failed to report to Adult Probation Services since November 2019.

Judge Anita Sukola issued a $5,000 bench warrant for Pablo.

At a previous hearing, Pablo told the court he hadn't been checking in because he's been in drug treatment at the Lighthouse Recovery Center.

Pablo along with Vince Mikel Benito and Lucas Rebanal await sentencing after they each took the government's plea deal.

Pablo was reportedly involved with Benito in thefts on MacTech Guam and Benson Guam Enterprises.

Pablo, Benito, Rebanal, along with Jesus Calma, Brian Josh San Nicolas Parkinson and Jay Ryan Gaza, were arrested following a theft investigation at a Rolex store in February 2017.

Calma, Parkinson and Gaza also signed plea agreements, and have since completed the terms of their probation.

Benito pleaded guilty to his part in the Tumon theft admitting he traded the watches for crystal methamphetamine and prescription pills.

The police investigation ultimately led to Rebanal's home, where authorities discovered firearms and thousands of prescription drugs.

The case will be back in court on Feb. 19.

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