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OUTAGES EXPECTED: Strong winds blow coconut trees at the Asan Beach Park ahead of Typhoon Mawar on Tuesday. The island's utilities said outages are expected to occur as Typhoon Mawar passes near or over Guam Wednesday. Frank San Nicolas/The Guam Daily Post

Outages are expected to occur as Typhoon Mawar passes Guam. 

Guam Waterworks Authority General Manger Miguel Bordallo told The Guam Daily Post just before 11 a.m. that there had been reports of water outages in Nimitz Hill and certain portions of Sånta Rita-Sumai for GWA customers served by U.S. Navy water sources.

GWA had also asked customers in the southern region of the island, from Ipan, Talo'fo'fo to Humåtak, to conserve water due to high turbidity in the Ugum river.

The Post has also received reports of power outages throughout the island, some going in and out of having power.

There have been isolated power outages reported this morning, mainly up north, according to Adelup spokesperson Krystal Paco-San Agustin. 

Peak conditions for the typhoon will extend roughly from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. today, and decrease through the evening hours after 7 p.m., but typhoon-force winds will still be present as late as 10 p.m., according to the latest updates out of the National Weather Service on Guam.

Guam Power Authority crews worked through Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning to address outages and power fluctuations throughout the island, but had to be called back for safety reasons before sunrise. 

GPA had stated that it does not intend to shut down the islandwide power system, and that system will remain energized as long as power circuits remain intact. The system runs automatically and only cuts power when damage has occurred to circuits, GPA had stated. 

The utility had stated that it will try to close back circuits that have tripped during the storm. If the circuit closes back up, that will continue to provide energy to customers. But if a circuit does not close back within 10 minutes, those affected customers can assume that the circuit will have to wait until GPA gets to its recovery phase, the utility had stated.

GPA plans to begin power restoration services after Mawar has passed, and the island is placed back into Condition of Readiness 4. Critical restoration priorities include hospitals, critical water well and wastewater facilities, critical infrastructure facilities, schools/designated shelters, public safety/health facilities, and ports of entry. 


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