A woman was placed under arrest after being accused of attacking a woman known to her in Yigo on Sunday.

Regina Sueann Quintanilla, 32, and the woman got into an argument when Quintanilla attempted to punch the victim several times, documents state.

The woman said she told Quintanilla to leave several times before Quintanilla picked up a metal exhaust pipe and used it to crack her car windshield.

The woman told police that she felt "fearful of bodily harm because of (Quintanilla's) demeanor and past behavior, indicating that she has been violent towards her."

Officers spotted Quintanilla leaving a nearby jungle area and took her into custody.

She had also been ordered by the court in a separate 2019 case to stay away from the woman and not threaten or harass her, documents state.

Quintanilla was charged with family violence, criminal mischief and violation of court order, each as misdemeanors.


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