Police arrested Marie Ann Mesa Muna, 34, on suspicion of physically abusing a 9-year-old girl repeatedly after the girl became upset and cried when she was told to stay outside in the dark.

Officers responded to a call in Santa Rita on Wednesday where they learned the female minor had been allegedly punched and kicked by Muna.

A witness told police Muna told the girl to stay outside at the back of the residence the night before. When the girl kept crying, Muna allegedly became more upset and opened the door and told the girl to shut up and then kicked her twice before telling the minor to go inside the house, court documents state.

When the girl walked inside, Muna allegedly grabbed the minor’s hair, threw her onto the couch, slapped her face multiple times and punched the left side of her body, then threw a cup toward the girl and slapped and pulled her again, the magistrate’s complaint states.

Police interviewed Muna who allegedly said she yelled at the girl to go outside the residence then she turned off the outside light to scare her.  

Muna was arrested and charged with family violence as a third-degree felony, family violence as a misdemeanor and child abuse.

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