A 21-year-old woman found unconscious at Ypao Beach Park early Sunday morning alleged she was sexually assaulted.

Ago Pius

Ago Pius

Police officers went to Ypao around 3:30 a.m. after getting a report that a woman was unconscious, according to documents filed in the Superior Court of Guam. 

Officers found Ago Pius, 36, sitting at one of the pavilions with his fingers in the woman's mouth. Another man, identified in documents as a friend of Pius, said the defendant was worried that the woman would choke on her tongue after passing out.

It's unclear who called the police.

The victim was transported to the hospital. She woke up shivering and crying, court documents state. She told police that the suspect had been drinking and allegedly sexually assaulted her at the park. She told officers that she was in shock during the alleged sexual assault and couldn't move. She said her body went numb before she blacked out, documents state.

Police officers found clothes strewn about the park. The defendant said they had gone swimming but later admitted that they had sex, documents state. He told police he didn't know her name but that she was a new neighbor of his. 

Police arrested Pius who now faces a charge of third-degree criminal sexual conduct as a second-degree felony. 


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