Jessica Johnson was excited to make the move to Guam with her husband, who is in the Navy, and their three children. The family has lived on Naki street in Chalan Pago for the past two years.

"I love the island," Johnson said. "I like going out and being able to see the ocean."

On Thursday, Johnson said her husband was at work and the children were at school when she came face to face with a complete stranger inside her home.

"I was scared. I was terrified. My hands were shaking, my whole body was shaking," she said.

The 31-year-old said she was in the bathroom when she heard her dogs barking.

"As I was coming back out, he was in the living (room) right near the couch. He had just closed the door behind him, and I was like 'Who are you?' so he was already inside," she said. "He had come up to me and said, 'I need a drink, I was out jogging and was thirsty.'"

Johnson said the man was really sweaty, but she went to the kitchen to get him some water.

"The entire time he was just right on me and wouldn't give me an inch or back off," she said. "I was trying to herd him to the door to get back out."

She was alone with the man inside her home for about 25 minutes.

"Everything was just happening," she said. "When I was able to grab my phone I had to hide it from him and just kind of quickly messaged."

Little did the suspect know that Johnson was messaging the Ordot-Chalan Pago Neighborhood Watch group.

"He was talking and having a conversation but was acting really weird," she said. "He started pushing me toward the bedroom asking if I had a change of clothes."

At some point, the suspect sat down, and she asked if he wanted anything to eat.

"I was trying to do anything to keep him distracted," she said.

Johnson was thinking, "I want to get through this. I thought of everything to distract him and keep him occupied. I was scared something more would come of it. I didn't know what his intentions were or why he came in."

She said she noticed the man take some pills, and he asked about several of the items inside the home.

During the frightening situation, she said her two boonie dogs, Leela and Bianca, helped to make her feel a bit safe.

"They were growling and hunched up," she said.

Help arrives

Before she knew it, she received a message from a neighbor who responded to her call for help.

Johnson said that's when she decided to make a run for it. She waited outside until more help arrived.

Village Mayor Jessy Gogue and a couple of his staff also responded.

"That guy was gone – he was on some kind of drugs that he did not keep still, but I was just glad he did not cause us any problems," said Steve Cruz, a field supervisor with the mayor's office. "I tried to talk to him. He just couldn't answer. He kept saying, 'I am thirsty.' He was even rolling around on the ground."

The staff detained the suspect until police arrived at the home.

Cruz said this was the first time in his more than 10 years with the mayor's office that he had to respond to this sort of incident.

"What was going through my mind was, 'I hope nobody gets hurt,'" he said. "We were going there blind and we didn't know if he had a gun or anything. I was just more concerned about the resident."

Police arrested John Anthony Salas, 29, on charges of home invasion and felonious restraint.

"I am so thankful I was able to get those messages out and they showed up. I didn't think anyone would show up or read it because I don't know any of my neighbors," Johnson said. "The Neighborhood Watch – I feel so much better."

Neighborhood Watch

Guam Police Department spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao applauded the efforts of those who helped the victim.

"One house, one street, one village at a time and that's how we work," Tapao said. "It's really a great testament of a force multiplier that it was at that moment in time the Neighborhood Watch group knew what was going on, responded and we were able to apprehend the individual."

He said residents can contact their village mayor's office if they want to join or start up a Neighborhood Watch.