Woman: Stranger showed up at neighbor's door with loaded gun

HANDCUFFED: A man is seen detained in handcuffs by a Guam police officer. The incident occurred April 1, on Chalan Koda street in Dededo. Lillian Bueno and her husband arrived as their neighbor held him until police arrived. Photo courtesy of Lillian Bueno

A resident along Chalan Koda, Dededo, on Thursday shared a post on social media of a man in handcuffs. The man allegedly showed up at her neighbor's door, and when the homeowner answered, the man offered to sell a loaded rifle for $99.

Lillian Bueno and her husband, Angelo, were on their way home Thursday afternoon when they pulled up to their street and were shocked to learn their neighbor had just made a citizen's arrest of a suspicious man who attempted to sell him a gun.

"We stopped, rolled down the window and asked if my neighbor was OK. ... He came, took the gun out of the truck and said, 'This guy is trying to sell me this gun.'"

She said the man selling the gun climbed over her neighbor's fence and then knocked on the door.

"I guess he thought no one was home. When my neighbor came out, he showed him the gun and asked if he wanted to buy it for $99," said Bueno.

After that, he fled on foot. She said her neighbor chased him down.

"He got into his truck, he had a firearm and chased the guy down. Right there, right where our road is at, and stopped him," said Bueno.

Her neighbor was able to take the gun from the young man and secure it in his truck.

Her neighbor detained the man behind his vehicle.

Her post on social media showed a man in handcuffs wearing a red shirt and jeans detained by a Guam Police Department officer.

"It was just so scary, it was right in front of my place," she said. "I had to post it so my neighbors, friends and family can be aware because this guy was wandering around. The world needs to know that people are prowling around."

The man selling the gun does not live in the area; she said the man told her husband he was walking the area.

"My neighbors had kids outside the house playing when this was happening. My neighbor across the street, her daughter was riding her bike. Honestly, just talking about it is giving me anxiety. I am shaking," she said.

Bueno hailed her neighbor as a hero. "I am glad he didn't get hurt," she said. "Because he had that guy behind his truck holding him down, I was afraid, and he said that someone already stole from his house."

Her husband, a police officer, also held the man until police arrived.

GPD spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao could not confirm the man's arrest as of press time.


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