Luciana Pereira Unchangco, who had been involved in drug cases related to the possession and sale of methamphetamine in both local and federal court, has been sentenced to 33 months in federal prison. 

The prosecution sought 36 months' imprisonment.

Unchangco is accused of selling the drug out of her home in Astumbo, near the local middle and elementary schools, and had pleaded guilty to one count of distribution of methamphetamine in or near a school.

Her indictment initially charged three counts of meth distribution near a school and one count of conspiracy to distribute meth in or near a school. Except for the single count of distribution, all other charges were dropped.

Her attorney, Joaquin Arriola Jr., stated in a sentencing memorandum that there is no allegation the school was affected in any way other than physical proximity. 

Investigators seized approximately 36 grams of the drug with an estimated street value of $28,000, as well as numerous improvised pipes, plastic baggies, $5,000 in U.S. currency and ammunition for a handgun during a raid in her house, court documents previously stated.


She has kept herself clean of drug use and is currently the primary caregiver for her elderly mother, according to Arriola. Several of Unchangco's family members attended the federal sentencing Thursday afternoon.

In January, Unchangco pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine in the Superior Court of Guam. She was arrested in February 2018 along with four others after police reportedly found them in possession of meth.

She is serving out her probation in that local case. 

During the federal sentencing, Arriola said his client is aware she would spend about three years in prison and has resigned herself to that judgment. 

"I want to say I'm really sorry for what I've done. I really learned from it. I wish I realized it before I got in trouble and promise not to do it anymore," Unchangco said as she became emotional speaking before District Court Chief Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood. 

The judge also granted a judicial recommendation for drug treatment, which could help take a year off her jail time. Unchangco was also allowed to self-surrender.

She asked to be able to spend the holidays with her family before surrendering but as Tydingco-Gatewood noted, if she is designated before Christmas, then she must go at that time. 

Court documents state Unchangco admitted to purchasing 10.67 grams of meth earlier in the day before police searched her residence.

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