Benjamin San Nicolas Cruz was arrested and charged after he allegedly threatened a woman with a knife after refusing to smoke meth, according to a magistrate's complaint filed in the Superior Court of Guam.

On Friday afternoon, a woman contacted the police saying Cruz threatened her with a knife and "he was going to hurt me," the complaint stated.

The woman said earlier in the day, Cruz forced her to smoke meth by pressing a bong close to her face and telling her to smoke. The woman said Cruz had done it in the past and when she would refuse, Cruz would punch her and push her head and body against the wall.

This time, the woman said after Cruz smoked meth he grabbed a knife and displayed it in front of the woman and threatened her and her father, according to the complaint.

Cruz and the woman then took a walk and while they were walking, Cruz started yelling profanities at her. The woman walked ahead and when she looked back, she saw Cruz and three other men chasing after her. The woman ran into a nearby house and asked a neighbor for help, according to the complaint.

When officers found the woman she was crying hysterically and said Cruz assaulted her, threatened her and chased her with a knife before officers saw bruising on both of her arms, the complaint states.

Cruz was charged with terrorizing and family violence as a third-degree felony and family violence as a misdemeanor.


A witness to Cruz's arrest at Nimitz Towers in Piti alleged officers used force against Cruz as they were trying to arrest him.

"I remember (Cruz) saying, 'OK, OK,' and all I hear is a Taser, ... he didn't sound like he was resisting then all I heard was punching or stomping," the witness told The Guam Daily Post who heard Cruz's arrest while in another room.

The witness added Cruz knew the woman called the police but "didn't know what it was for."


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