A man charged in the deadly stabbing of Kifirston Aiken has been released from jail.

After paying a $1,000 cash bail, L-Son Joe was released from the Department of Corrections and placed on house arrest.

Joe is one of five men charged in the August stabbing of Aiken at the Dededo Center located along Wusstig Road. The attack, which was captured on video, occurred just after 1 a.m. At least two men could be seen in the video attacking Aiken, Post files state.

Joe was charged with aggravated assault and pleaded not guilty to the charges last month.

Terms of Joe's conditional release include not possessing firearms, not consuming alcohol or drugs and not contacting co-defendants. Joe was also ordered to report to probation three times a week.

Joe's co-defendants are Alison Joe, Dero Itzy and Cyrus Joanes Mathias who also face aggravated assault charges while the fifth co-defendant, Samson Shapucy, is charged with murder.

L-Son Joe's co-defendants pleaded not guilty to their charges and remain confined at DOC, Post files state.


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