There’s a duality to the skateboarding scene on Guam.

On one hand, it’s a small yet amazing community jam-packed with talent and good vibes, both on and off the board. It’s welcoming to anyone down to skateboard. It has the potential to become something great.

On the other hand, it can be plagued by distractions, individualism, and a mentality of, “We’re on Guam, so why push myself when it won’t matter anyway.”

Perhaps these are common issues within all small scenes.  But I refuse to accept that Guam’s skateboarders can’t create and support a flourishing skate community.

That’s why I do what I do as a photographer documenting skaters and skate culture here. If I show enough passion and love for skateboarding, maybe others will notice. Maybe it will brew into something more potent and foster an enthusiasm inside them, too. Then, maybe we can work together to create a proper scene out here in the middle of the Pacific.