The island’s top cyclists kicked off the 2022 cycling season, attacking the hills of Yona for Pulantat Loop Road Race 2022.

Mother Nature did her best to make the race challenging, but the rainy weekend didn’t deter the dozens who showed up for the first road race of the year.

“The race was definitely a wet one, and since the course winds through Pulantat and then Leo Palace, there was a lot of mud on the Leo section that added another layer of concern,” said Guam Cycling Federation President Eric Tydingco.

Fitting all ability levels, the course offered participants the option of choosing one, two or four loops. Each lap is 10 miles with approximately 1,000 feet of elevation per lap, making for a tough race.

The loop started near Agueda Johnston Middle School before winding up towards Yona. It was ride through the village and a pass on the carabao landmark before it descended into Pulantat. The climb back out put riders back on Leo Palace before heading back to Agueda.

Edward Oingerang paved the way, riding the four laps to finish in 1:58:41. Jov Kevin Mansanao and Ryan Matienzo, 1:58:46 and 1:59:09, respectively slid in before the two-hour mark. Dan Aponik and Caloi Baguyo finished together at 2:02:46.

In the two-lap race John Chamoro blitzed the course, finishing in under an hour at 59:48, while Glen Fernandez (1:04:58), Mark Imazu (1:06:08), Shin Miyagi (1:06:29) and Marfel Carganilla (1:06:33) rounded out the top five finishers. The first female to cross the line in the two-lap course was Mieko Carey at 1:08:40.

In the one loop race, Evan Tydingco finished first at 39:41 with Herrold Templanza and William Pasana rounding out the top three male finishers overall. The next three finishers in the pack were Daisy Farruggia, Alyssa Marie Castaneda and Elena Taneva Cholakova.

Some racers said they used the Pulantat Loop as an off-season road race after racing Tour of Guam last December.

Racing downhill on Pulantat offered its fair share of hazards as pot holes and algae made the road nearly impassible or super slick for the racers. The mud bog at Leo Palace encroached on the road, making it tough for those on a road bike.

Despite all the race conditions, the event was a good one. As one person said, the “vibes during a race are always awesome. I’m friends with everyone. Everyone is happy. Everyone just wants to race.”

Tydingco said the race went well, thanking the various community partners for ensuring the event’s success.

“Thank you to the Yona Mayor's Office, GPD and our awesome volunteers of the Brantley and Elliott families, plus Lani Chargualaf,” Tydingco said.

(Daily Post Staff)