The #UGM Goes Virtual event is in its home stretch this week as Guam Sports Events Inc. and United Airlines remind runners to complete their 5K, 10K, half-marathon or full marathon races and post their results online before midnight Sunday, Sept. 20.

Organizers offer congratulations to runners who have completed their races so far. Runners have spent months preparing for their races. A postrace recovery strategy is just as important as a training plan,  UGM organizers stated in a news release.

Here are some tips to consider:

Walk around.

Walk around for about 5-10 minutes to cool down and to keep the blood flowing. It will be good to walk to keep the blood from pooling in the legs so it will help prevent dizziness and fainting.

Eat and Drink.

Keep moving and start drinking. Replenish the water your body lost because you are probably going to be a little dehydrated. Preferably, start drinking a replacement drink such as Gatorade. If your stomach allows, eat a small snack, banana, crackers, yogurt, or easily digested high-carbohydrate foods within the first 30-60 minutes postrace. Save the big meal for another hour or two, or when your appetite returns.


Gently stretch to cool down and to loosen up muscles. Foam rollers will massage muscles. Go online and check out some stretches or yoga poses for runners.

Apply ice.

Icing helps reduce inflammation and helps prevent long-term soreness. Icepacks and ice baths can help. It can range from immersing the body into a tub of ice to putting the feet into a bucket of ice. Dipping your feet into one of Guam’s scenic beaches after your run is also a good idea. It will do more than help the body cool down. It will also keep the blood flowing to the vital organs in the center of the body to help reduce dizziness and fainting.

Take it easy.

It’s important to give your body time to heal and to get back into its normal pattern. Your body tells you what you need to do.


Completing your race is a great accomplishment. You want to give yourself time to really enjoy the fact that you completed it - no matter the outcome of your race.


No matter what time you clocked, take it upon yourself to celebrate your accomplishments,  The feeling of completing your race is like no other, so cherish it! Treat yourself to a nice bath or take time to relax. Enjoy a special treat using one of the UGM Eat.Shop.Run offers. Visit the UGM website, to see a list of special discounts available from partners such as Boka Box, Pika’s Cafe, Ramen House Hokkaido, Proa, Capricciosa, Ban Thai, Southern Mountain Gear, and more! Or, celebrate by visiting Run Guam’s online store ( to purchase that well-deserved UGM official gear!

Haven’t completed your race just yet? Here are some tips for motivation.

Plan your route.

Running is a great way to enjoy Guam's tropical beauty! Start at picturesque Tumon or Hagåtña Bay. Check out UGM’s website,, in the “Course Descriptions” tab for Run Guam’s running routes for all race distances.

Show your UGM spirit.

Make your race a little more enjoyable by dressing up! You get the chance to wear a crazy outfit and let people know that you are actually on the UGM race and not just exercising. Choose an outfit that is fun, but you are still comfortable in while you are racing. Remember, a fun outfit equals a great postrace photo!

Virtually, run with a friend.

Plan with a running partner to start at the same time wherever you are. This will help you stick to your preferred day and time to do your race. Give them a call on your hands-free device to exchange words of encouragement.

Set a reward for yourself.

Been eyeing that Run Guam singlet with your race distance on it? Thinking about dessert? Reward yourself postrace with some items you’ve been eyeing. Or reward yourself with a postrun dip at the beach!