The Guam Department of Education Interscholastic Sports Association Board of Control on Tuesday officially adopted the ISA constitution and bylaws.

On Friday, in anticipation of the third quarter season, ISA issued schedules for the following sports: boys and girls tennis, boys basketball, boys and girls rugby, and softball.

The ISA schedules indicate only public school participation.

In a letter written by GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez to Independent Interscholastic Athletic Association of Guam President Terry Debold on Oct. 25, select private school sports teams were invited to play in the newly formed league.

Private school softball and rugby teams were invited to participate in the ISA - boys basketball and girls and boys tennis were not.

“While these are the base schedules that we will be working with, we anticipate some slight changes pending the interest of private schools in accepting our invitation." said Al Garrido, ISA acting sports coordinator.

To ensure schedules will provide students with the maximum opportunity for competition, GDOE is working with different associations, stated a news release. Game days were kept similar to previous years. And, to ensure ISA goals are met, start and end date flexibility have been factored in.

Over the next two weeks, in anticipation of the upcoming season, Garrido will be meeting with interested student-athletes at each of the GDOE high schools. During the meetings, Garrido will discuss key points about the transition and will answer any questions student-athletes or coaches may have.

“I know that many want to know what the department is doing to assure that they have a fun and competitive season,” Garrido said. “These are valid questions, and it’s important that we answer them and let them know our plans for the future of the league.”

The next steps, according to the news release, is for the constitution to receive endorsement by the ISA Board of Trustees, public comment from GDOE stakeholders, and final review and approval from Fernandez, ISA president.

“Our athletic directors and interscholastic administrators came together to create the constitution and bylaws,” Fernandez said. “We look forward to sharing these documents with our stakeholders and building a sports league that meets the needs of our student-athletes.”