PONY Baseball and Softball International is making a strong, dedicated effort to kick-start youth baseball and softball in the Asia Pacific Zone countries, PONY Baseball announced in a press release.

The PONY APZ has developed the idea to get community PONY Youth Leagues back in action after a 2-year, pandemic-inspired delay. The APZ announced invitations for member PONY countries to participate in a series of tournaments scheduled for 2023. These tournaments are part of the revitalization plan to get PONY Baseball and Softball back in full swing again.

“PONY APZ is extending invitations for Guam PONY registered teams to participate in various age group regional and international series tournaments and championships,” said Justin Bennett, from Guam PONY Baseball and Softball. “Invitational tournaments are a means to increase potential parent, player and team participation. Increasing team-tournament play symbolizes a restart after the two-year pandemic layoff. PONY has marked 2023 as the comeback year for PONY Youth Baseball and Softball.”

2023 PONY APZ tournament sites and dates

• Goodwill Games Classic Philippines U8, U10, U12, U14, U18; Jan. 20-22.

• Mustang U9, Philippines, second week in April.

• Mustang U10, Philippines, second week in April.

• Bronco U12, Philippines, July.

• PONY U14, Japan, June 18.

• Colt U16, Japan, June 29.

• Palomino U18, Japan, June 18.

• 2023 International Softball World Series Travel/Showcase Tournament, July 18-23, McAllen, Texas.

• PONY Pinto 8U International Baseball Classic, July 7-9, Marion, Illinois.

PONY is an acronym for “Protect Our Nation’s Youth.” PONY is founded on the premise that leagues and teams should be made up of players within a two-year age span, so the maturity, ability, size and skills are comparable. PONY Baseball and Softball is not limited to exceptional athletes, yet it is intended that a child earn the privilege of participation, PONY said in the release.

“PONY leagues and tournaments are designed as a method of community action to help young people develop into better adults through participation in organized, supervised recreation,” said Mike Soderquist, director of Guam PONY Baseball and Softball. “There are many advantages to regional tournament play, not the least of which is the travel experience players gain and extension of their knowledge through close contact with players from other areas and environments. From regional zone tournaments comes the opportunity to enter national tournament competition with the ultimate goal of reaching World Series Play.”

Teams, parents and coaches interested in participating in any of the above-mentioned overseas PONY tournaments can contact Guam PONY Baseball and Softball at PONY@guambaseball.com or by contacting Bill Bennett at 671-483-6500.