Micronesian Games Council announces delay of Micro Games, no timetable set

UNFORTUNATE EVENTS: The Micronesian Games Council announced the delay of the 10th annual Micronesian Games that were set to be played in Majuro in July and August of this year. Photo courtesy of the Micronesian Games website

In a press release sent Thursday, March 16, Micronesian Games Council Secretary-General Joey C. Miranda III stated the 10th edition of the Micronesian Games, slated to be hosted by Majuro this July, would be delayed, but no timetable for when it may be played in the future was disclosed. 

The press release does state the council "will be seeking to reschedule the Games here in Majuro to a later date after communications with our MGC brothers and sisters and other sports leadership in our region." 

According to organizers, the main issue was the delay of construction of facilities due to problems stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Citing the "safety of our athletes and attendees" as "major considerations in processing the viability of the continuance of the games," the council went on to state it will be meeting virtually in the coming months to discuss the delay further.  

This will be tough news for athletes, as many have been planning and training with July as their target goal for peak performance. 

With an indefinite delay now announced, Micronesian competitors are now faced with questions on how to approach the variable of an unknown training schedule.

Many, if not most, athletes who compete in the games work full time, and will need to adjust requested vacation leave or sabbaticals from their careers, all without a concrete date. Some of the regional competitors also plan to use the event as a high-level opportunity to test their mettle ahead of the Paris Olympic Games, scheduled for next year.

This is the second time this edition of the Micronesian Games has been postponed, with the original dates having been set for summer of 2022.