When the Rick Ninete Tennis Center closed for resurfacing in September 2020, it was supposed to be a quick job. But weather, material, and oversight issues have dragged a seemingly simple project well into 2021. The contract, won by Triple K Construction, was supposed to be completed in December 2020.

Roque Alcantara, the director of the Guam Department of Parks and Recreation, told The Guam Daily Post on Wednesday that the four-court facility should be completed and open to the public by late next week.

“The contractor is back on the job now, putting down the coating that they ordered from off island,” he said. "They’ve given a completion date of the 15th  (of April). Once it’s done, we’ll open up.”

According to Rick Ninete, and confirmed by Alcantara, the contract specifies a one-tone green surface color. But to keep in line with the Guam National Tennis Center’s two-tone, green/blue design, and before materials were purchased, the contractor was informed that the Hagåtña-based facility was to mirror GNTC’s colors.

But instead of ordering the correct blue-colored materials, which need to be applied carefully and with a squeegee, the contractors used blue paint which was rolled on, creating a rough, uneven surface.

On Wednesday, although the material is a deeper blue than anticipated, Ninete confirmed that the contractor is in the process of applying the correct material.

Water, water everywhere ...

With the Hagåtña pool closed for good, deemed economically and physically unsalvageable, and the Northern Sports Complex Dededo pool has fallen into disrepair, offline to the public, Alcantara eyes July 2021 as a possible return-to-use date for the Dededo facility.

The Dededo pool will be repainted and needs to have pumps replaced.  

“We already got the purchase order for the paint,” Alcantara said. “Once we get the paint, our guys will be working on painting the pool itself."

“The repairs of the pool, the bid opening will be on the 15th of this month,” he added. “With everything working now, we’re looking at maybe opening up the pool by July."

“Once we get the contractor onboard, it’s just a matter of replacing some of the pumps. But we’re on track with that,” Alcantara said.

Without a pool that fits the needs of all stakeholders, including casual users, Special Olympics participants and the Guam Swimming Federation, the reopening of the Dededo pool will be a welcome stopgap before a long-term solution can be  reached.

During a Sept. 9, 2020, oversight hearing, Guam Economic Development Authority Deputy Director Joann Camacho said that a new-pool task force had been created to oversee the funding and construction of a new facility. The proposed Olympic-size pool is slated to be built adjacent to the Dededo pool.

Alcantara on Wednesday said that funding is the major issue.

“It’s going to happen,” he said.