Although it appears that Guam is moving closer to herd immunity, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has not yet relaxed restrictions enough for sports organizations and promoters to return to real-time competition and events. With the possibility of herd immunity forecasted for September 2021 and public high school preparing to resume non-contact sports on Jan. 25, sports may soon see the light of day.

Ten months ago tomorrow, Leon Guerrero reported the island’s first coronavirus cases and placed the island on lockdown. In March 2020, Trench Kids had hoped to host their annual event, but were unable to due to social distancing requirements.

“In a nutshell, we had to postpone the physical event scheduled back in March of 2020 due to the corona lockdown that happened a week before the event date,” said event organizer Tom Akigami. “All the shirts, medals, obstacle materials, etc … were paid for and ready. We waited patiently for restrictions to be lifted and things were getting better, until we went back to PCOR 1.”

With restaurants, bingo halls and other establishments allowed to reopen at limited capacity, Akigami had hoped restrictions would have been lifted for 2021, but that hasn’t happened yet. Instead of cancel Round 2, which is already many months behind schedule, he opted to host another virtual event, which has been expanded to include adult participants,

“We don't know when we'll be able to host the 2021 event,” said Akigami. “March is our annual date. Instead of waiting, possibly another year, especially with some of the older kids no longer eligible to participate in this kids race, we'd like to have parents available for this virtual option.”

With March rapidly approaching, Akigami said that he realized the chance of hosting an in-person event was “looking slim.”

Akigami said that the virtual Round 1 was a success, which had 150 participants completing various athletic movements inside their homes or out in the community, adhering to the Department of Public Health and Social Services gathering and distancing guidelines.

He said that for families who did not opt out of the virtual event were automatically re-enrolled into Round 2.

“If parents decided not to opt out with this virtual, their registration was basically deferred to the next scheduled physical event,” he said.

While Round 2 pickup and submission were originally scheduled for Jan. 7 and Jan. 10, respectively, Akigami said that, due to a scheduling conflict, the submission date has been changed to Jan. 14 and pickup date rolled over to Jan. 16.

Finishers medals and T-shirts will be handed out from noon to 3 p.m. at the Guam Football Association’s Docomo Pacific drive-thru.

“Also with this second round, we opened up 50 slots for kids that were not registered for the 2020 event to participate in this virtual challenge and collect the 2020 Trench Kids x Ko'Ko Kids finisher shirt and large medal,” Akigami said. “All the proceeds from these 50 slots will be donated to Special Olympics (Guam).”

Akigami shared that he feel that the pandemic has gone on long enough and he hopes to see even more participants take part in Round 2.

“(With) all this virtual learning and indoor couch activities I'm sure it’s making kids and parents less physically active,” he said.