A recent survey undertaken by alcohol.org identified the two NFL fan bases that consume the most alcohol.

Duh. We could have saved the nice folks from alcohol.org a lot of money on No. 2 pencils, graph paper and clipboards. Here’s guessing you could have, as well.

The drinkingest fans belong to the Oakland Raiders and New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans would be no surprise to anyone who has spent enough time drinking in the French Quarter to know that the second hurricane is always a mistake.

Oakland is a natural for other reasons. We present 5:

1. One winning record in the past 16 seasons

2. Ten head coaches in the past 16 seasons

3. “With the first pick of the 2007 draft, the Raiders select JaMarcus Russell.”

4. “We must be the dumbest team in America in terms of playing the game.”

5. A fellow in face paint and/or a stuffy gorilla suit needs a bit of sustenance now and then.

I would have thought Green Bay fans might rank higher than No. 5 based solely on my anecdotal experience of going to an Applebees for lunch in that fair burgh and being told that the special of the day was a Long Island iced tea. But I digress.

Alcohol.org breaks down the data thusly:

Average Drinks in 1 Sitting (Game Day)

Raiders and Saints fans average 4.5 – one more than the league average according to alcohol.org. Indianapolis checked in last place at 2.0 drinks.

Average Drinks in 1 Sitting (Non-Game Day)

On off days, Raiders fans slow down to 4.0. Several fan bases averaged the league low of 2.5.

Alcohol.org went so far as to document what kinds of drinks team bases favor. Nineteen of 32 teams responded local craft beer (including the 49ers Faithful, who apparently have come a long way since offensive lineman Randy Cross blasted them as a “white-wine sipping crowd” that looked like “cardboard dummies up there.”

Tampa Bay, New England, Indianapolis and Dallas prefer cocktails. Atlanta fans go for straight liquor.

Lest you think alcohol.org is in the entertainment business, think again. It has information on its website that spotlights the potential dangers of alcohol consumption and raises awareness about alcoholism, treatment, and resources.

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