Tokyo tops 1,000 cases for 1st time in 3 months

AIRPORT IN TOKYO: People are seen at the departure area of Tokyo's Narita Airport as the nation's Golden Week holiday period started on Thursday. Japan News-Yomiuri Shimbun

TOKYO - The Tokyo metropolitan government confirmed Thursday that 1,027 people had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

It was the first time the daily figure had exceeded 1,000 in three months, or since Jan. 28 when 1,065 people were reported as having tested positive for the virus.

According to the metropolitan government, the daily average in the past seven days was 782.1, an increase of 14.3% from the previous week, when it was 684.1.

The number of seriously ill COVID-19 patients increased by five to 58.

A record 44 people died from COVID-19 on Thursday in Osaka Prefecture, according to the Osaka prefectural government. The prefecture also confirmed that 1,171 people newly tested positive for the virus on the day.

In Aichi Prefecture, 431 people were confirmed as having tested positive for the virus on Thursday. This equals the record for the most in a single day in that prefecture.

India, Peru and the U.S. states of Florida, Michigan, Minnesota and Tennessee have been added to the government's list of countries and regions with community transmission of coronavirus variants of concern.

This raises the number of countries subject to new quarantine measures during border control to 32.

Novel coronavirus variants suspected of causing a rapid increase in the number of infections are spreading in India.

At airport quarantine in Japan so far, 20 people have tested positive with the so-called Indian variant.


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